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Faith Formation 

  • While we retain most of our catechists, we always welcome more volunteers. There are 2 or more adults per class, which greatly reduces the need to find subs, and gives the volunteers some flexibility. You have the option to have step by step lesson plans prepared for you. We usually have sessions 3 times per month.


  • We enjoy a relaxed, mentoring environment, where we learn together, laugh together, and share God’s love, together, like a family. Passing on the Catholic Faith and way of living is a high priority here, and one that we can all partake in.



  • We offer a combined Preschool through 1st grade, engaged in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. Also known as the Montessori Catechesis, this is an educational process of religious formation for children. This process helps children to develop an authentic prayerful relationship with God who loves them, through the use of sensorially rich materials, and is strongly based on the Bible and the liturgy. The catechists for this level are certified in this method. You are invited to attend a Come and See session, to be announced in the early Fall.


  • Grade 2 is primarily for preparation for the Sacraments of First Reconciliation, which occurs in late January, and First Eucharist, in late April. We will be using Renewed by Jesus and Receiving Jesus, both series are new from Ascension Press, and will be taught by a diocesan certified Master Catechist. All parish 2nd graders are encouraged to attend.


  • 3rd and 4th grades are combined this year, as are 6th and 7th, but 5th grade is a stand-alone class.


  • 8th grade is Confirmation preparation, which is at a different time and day, TBA.


  • The sessions for 3rd through 7th grades are Lectionary-based, meaning that the Gospel for that Sunday is central to the entire session. This helps build connections to the Liturgy, and how the Gospel forms our lives and behaviors. We use a “base” resource, Gospel Weeklies, which comes with plans. However, Debi combs through each grade’s plan, then, if needed, adds, replaces, embellishes, and writes a step-by-step lesson plan, with resources, for each level. About Our Students

  • When we ended for the summer, in May, the program had: 45 students, 11 catechists, and 2 young teen helpers.


  • Most people assume that only public school children attend parish Faith Formation Programs. That is not the case here at St. Martin. Out of 45 students, we had only 25 public school students, counting the 2 helpers. The other 20 children are either home-schooled or in Catholic school. They enjoy the socialization and community of our program, and get to know children and adults of the parish. Win-Win!

  • Do you have a child, going into the 8th grade or above, who has not yet been Confirmed? Please contact Debi Hopkins with their name, age, and grade level, so that planning can begin for our 2024 Confirmation class.

  • Do you have an interest in being a member of the Catholic Church? Have you been away from the Church, and feel you may need a “redo” on your knowledge of the Faith? Wherever you are in your Faith life, there is always a way to go deeper and enrich your soul. There is a great little book, A Well-Built Faith by Joe Poprocki, hat is quite easy to use and discuss. Also, if you have an interest in possible joining the Church, this would be a good way to initially “inquire” into the Faith. So, if you would be interested in an informal, summer study group, please contact Debi Hopkins. The day and time depend on the needs of the majority of the group. Contact info is on the front of the bulletin.

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)


  • Are you interested in learning more about the Catholic Faith?

  • Are you unbaptized, or baptized in a different faith community, and might be interested in the Catholic faith?

  • Are you a baptized Catholic, but haven’t celebrated Eucharist and/or Confirmation?


Q) What is RCIA?

A) RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) is a process primarily intended for unbaptized persons who are in a process of conversion to Christianity, in the Catholic Tradition. While conversion to Christ is a life-long, developing journey, the formal process in a parish takes place over about one calendar year. It encompasses a vast expanse of Christian Catholic Faith life. Under normal circumstances, reception of the 3 Sacraments of Initiation takes place at the Easter Vigil Mass.



Q) What if I am already a baptized Christian?

A) Depending on the extent of catechesis up to this point (meaning, what have you already learned, and how you are living your Faith), the process is tailored to fit you, who are already a Christian, and to introduce you to the Catholic Faith, the Fullness of Truth. This process generally does not last nearly as long as a full program of the catechumenate (RCIA). Formal welcome into the Church and reception of the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Confirmation, and Eucharist for those already validly baptized as a Christian can be anytime that the pastor deems appropriate, after an appropriate period of catechesis (learning about the Faith).



Q) What if I am curious, but not ready to commit to anything?

A) Then, this is for you. We are here to present the teachings of the Catholic Church. We will   listen to your questions, and provide solid answers based on those teachings. If we are not sure of an answer, we will find it. There is plenty of time to “explore” the Church, and decide when the time is right. You will not be pressured at all. No sessions are scheduled, as yet. That depends on interest.

Contact Debi Hopkins.  Office: 270-685-0339, and leave a message, if it is after hours.

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